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LISN Power Rankings – Week 9



Each week LISN runs the numbers through our AI Analytics program in order to analyze each team’s performance to date.

1st Kings Park Commack

Last Week’s Ranking: 1st  

Points: 16 | Wins: 7 | Losses: 1 | Ties: 1 | 43 Goals For | 16 Goals Against

Our model continues to value KPC’s elite combination of defense and goaltending, while also giving credit to them for lighting the lamp against top ranked competition such as EI and Sachem.

2nd East Islip

Last Week’s Ranking: 2nd 

Points: 16 | Wins: 7 | Losses: 0 | Ties: 2 | Goals For: 71 | Goals Against: 29

A 5-4 come from behind win against Sachem has given EI a solid grip on the second seed. The entire lineup has produced offense through their last two games, but their margin of victory against Sachem was our models deciding factor.

3rd Sachem

Last Week’s Ranking: 3rd 

Points: 14 | Wins: 7 | Losses: 2 | Goals For: 56 | Goals Against: 26

Sachem won seven straight games before losing back-to-back games against KPC and EI. The good news for Sachem is that our model gave them credit for only losing by one goal without their leading scorer in the lineup. The bad news is that they have taken major penalties for spearing in two consecutive contests. They also lead the league in PIM’s with 179 through just nine games.

4th St. Anthony’s 

Last Week’s Ranking: 5th 

Points: 10 | Wins: 5 | Losses: 4 | Goals For: 44 | Goals Against: 29

The Friars have won three straight games and five of their last seven matchups after back-to-back losses to kick off the campaign. St. Anthony’s has yet to lose by a margin of more than three goals this year.

5th Smithtown Hauppauge 

Last Week’s Ranking: 4th 

Points: 11 | Wins: 4 | Losses: 4 | Ties: 1 | Goals For: 59 | Goals Against: 29

The Bulls picked up the win in Mark Dubeau’s first game as Head Coach. Smithtown Hauppauge has lost all four games this season by a single goal. Two of those losses came against teams below .500. For that reason they remain the 5th best team in the league according to our model.

6th Connetquot Sayville BBP

Last Weeks Rankings: 7th 

Points: 6 | Wins: 3 | Losses: 5 | Goals For: 30 | Goals Against: 35 

After a 1-5 start in which the T-Birds lost three straight games to kick off the campaign, Connetquot Sayville BBP has won three straight matchups. The T-Birds have a negative goal differential, but have outscored opponents by a margin of 16-3 over their last three games.

7th Northport Huntington

Last Weeks Rankings: 6th 

Points: 8 | Wins: 4 | Losses: 5 | Overtime Wins: Three | Goals For: 24 | Goals Against: 45 

The Tigers have the second worst goal differential in the entire Varsity division, but our model does give them credit for being able to string together three overtime wins on the season. They are on a two game skid following their upset win against KPC.

8th Ward Melville 

Last Week’s Ranking: 8th  

Points: Four | Wins: 2 | Losses: 7 | Goals For: 28 : Goals Against: 48

The Patriots have given up twenty more goals than they have scored, but sixteen of them came in matchups against Sachem and Smithtown. Our model gives them credit for only losing by two to teams like EI, KPC and St. Anthony’s. Expect a strong second half from the Patriots.

9th West Islip

Last Week’s Ranking: 9th 

Points: 6 | Wins: 3 | Losses: 6 | Goals For: 26 | Goals Against: 40

The West Islip Lions have dropped three straight games, but their goal differential is better than the two teams listed directly ahead of them. However, West Islip has yet to generate enough secondary scoring in the eyes of our model.

10th Longwood Lions

Last Weeks Rankings: 10th

Points: 0 | Wins: 0 | Losses: 9| Goals For:  14 | Goals Against: 9

The first-year entrants to the Varsity Division have been shutout in three straight games. During that span they have allowed thirty-six goals against.

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