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SCHSHL Top 10 Defenseman – Weeks 10 and 11



Each week LISN runs the numbers through our AI Analytics program in order to analyze each team’s performance to date. Our model is designed to evaluate player performance based on the quality of competition, margin of victory, goal differential by period, high danger scoring chances and a multitude of other factors tracked by LISN.

1st Daniel Breslin – Ward Melville Patriots

GP: 3 | Goals: 2 | Assists: 1 | Points: 3 | Team Record: 1-1-1

The Patriots defenseman plays a heady two-way game and has now begun to cash in on the opportunities that come his way.

2nd Ryan Furst – Kings Park Commack Knights

GP: 2 Goals: 0 | Assists: 0 | Points: 0 | Team Record: 1-0-1

Arguably the best shutdown defender in the entire league, Furst has excelled against top flight competition all year long. The KPC defenseman was a key factor in a win against the Friars and played big minutes in overtime against the Patriots.  

3rd Bryan Slattery – East Islip Chiefs

GP: 3 | Goals: 1 | Assists: 3 | Points 4 | Team Record 2-1

The EI blue liner has been a steady two-way presence all season long, but in recent weeks the Chiefs blue liner has seen increased usage as a puck carrier in transition which has led to an uptick in scoring. 

4th Jack Mercado – Connetqout Sayville BBP T-Birds

GP: 3 | Goals: 1 | Assists: 1 | Points: 2 | Team Record 1-2  

The T-Birds aren’t the T-Birds without Jack Mercado. The blue liner is one of the SCHSHL’s best puck carriers, and a key part of an offense that hovers around the league average. He has two points in his last three games, but his ability to transition the puck up ice is what makes him such an effective player.

5th Liam Henshaw – West Islip Lions

GP: 3 | Goals: 1 | Assists: 0 | Points: 1 | Team Record: 0-3  

The West Islip defenseman is a one man zone exit to zone entry machine. Henshaw leads all defenseman in total points with nine this season. He scored his second unassisted goal in a 5-2 loss to the T-Birds.

6th Brody O’Doherty – St. Anthony’s Friars

GP: 3 | Goals: 1 | Assists: 0 | Points: 1 | Team Record: 2-1 

The Friars defenseman scored the game winning goal against East Islip, but his ability to move the puck up ice has been critical for a St. Anthony’s roster that has been unable to ice their full roster for the majority of the season. 

7th Sean Walsh – Sachem

GP: 3 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 2 | Points: 2 | Team Record: 2-0-1

Walsh plays with an edge you just can’t teach. The scrappy defenseman blocks shots, gets in the passing lane and isn’t afraid to throw a big hit when necessary. Walsh’s two points in his last three games are just the icing on the cake. 

8th Joey Villani – Connetqout Sayville BBP T-Birds

GP: 3 | Goals: 0 | Assists: 1 | Team Record 1-2 

As an eighth grader, the rising T-Birds star had 34 goals and six assists at the freshman level. The defenseman has a high end shot, great speed, is an advanced decision maker for his age –and he’s just a few days away from turning fifteen. 

9th Adam Lackowitz – Smithtown Hauppauge Bulls

GP: 3 | Goals: 2 | Assists: 0 | Points: 2 Team Record: 2-0-1

When the lights shine the brightest, the Bulls blue liner is always on the ice. One of a few veterans on a roster chock-full with young goal scorers, Lackowitz has been tasked with bringing stability to the blue line. He hasn’t disappointed. 

10th Maksim Sposato – Northport Huntington Tigers

GP: 3 | Goals: 1 | Assists: 1 | Points: 2 | Team Record: 1-2

The youngster has acquitted himself well in  his first full season at the Varsity level. Sposato rarely makes mistakes, a rare trait at any level, and recently showcased his offensive upside as he scored his first career varsity goal in a two point performance against the Longwood Lions.


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