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2024 SCHSHL Power Rankings



Each week LISN runs the numbers through our AI Analytics program in order to analyze each team’s performance to date. Our model is designed to evaluate team performance based on the quality of competition, margin of victory, goal differential by period, high danger scoring chances and a multitude of other factors tracked by LISN. This list is not indicative of the current standings, although there may be similarities between the two.

1st East Islip Chiefs

Games Played: 15 | Wins: 12 | Losses: 1 | Ties: 2 | Overtime Losses: 0 | Overtime Wins: 1 | Points: 26 | Goals For: 105 | Goals Against: 39 | Goal Differential: +66 | Power Play Goals For: 18 | Power Play Goals Against: 7 | Shorthanded Goals For: 7 | PIM: 88

The Chiefs are firing on all cylinders ahead of Monday Night’s matchup against the Smithtown Hauppauge Bulls. East Islip is ranked second in the division in both goals for and goals against with a league leading +66 goal differential on the year. Our model places great emphasis on special teams. The Chiefs have scored eighteen power play goals, seven shorthanded goals and allowed just seven power play goals against to date. East Islip has yet to lose a game with Ryan Anatra in the lineup.

2nd Smithtown Hauppauge Bulls

Games Played: 15 | Wins: 8 | Losses: 3 | Ties: 3 |Overtime Losses: 1 | Overtime Wins: 0 | Points: 20 | Goals For: 89 | Goals Against: +40 | DIFF: 49 | Power Play Goals For: 15 | Power Play Goals Against: 9 | Shorthanded Goals For: 5 | PIM: 156

The Bulls have gone 5-0-2 since Head Coach Mark Dubeau was brought on in November. This tenacious Smithtown Hauppauge squad has yet to lose a game by more than one goal and is coming off a 3-1 victory over Kings Park Commack. The Bulls have scored the second most power play goals this season and the 3rd most shorthanded goals. Smithtown Hauppauge has allowed nine power play goals against which is tied for the fourth most in the league. Five of those goals against have come in their last four games before the break, but the Bulls were a perfect three for three on the penalty kill against KPC. The model is also concerned by the fact that Smithtown Hauppauge has yet to score in overtime with a 0-3-1 record in bonus hockey this year.

3rd St. Anthony’s Friars

Games Played: 15 | Wins: 9 | Losses: 5 | Ties: 1 | Overtime Losses: 0 | Overtime Wins: 0 | Points: 19 | Goals For: 68 | Goals Against: 40 | Goal Differential: +28 | Power Play Goals For: 13 | Power Play Goals Against: 9 | Shorthanded Goals For: 2 | PIM: 162

After dropping two consecutive contests to open the season en route to a 2-3 start, the Friars have gone 7-2-1 in their last ten. Following a 4-2 loss to Kings Park Commack on November 27th, the Friars have gone 4-0-1 while outscoring opponents 22-7 during that stretch. Our model favors teams that can get scoring from up and down the lineup as well as from the blue line, but does remain somewhat skeptical of the Friars lack of a twenty-point scorer at this point in the year. The good news is the model expects big things from Brady Monteleone down the stretch as the Friars Captain continues to create high danger scoring chances.

4th Sachem

Games Played: 16 | Wins: 12 | Losses: 3 | Ties: 1 | Overtime Losses: 0 | Overtime Wins: 1 |Points: 25 | Goals For: 106 | Goals Against: 43 | Goal Differential: +63 | Power Play Goals For: 10 | Power Play Goals Against: 13 | Shorthanded Goals: 8 | PIM: 256

Sachem is one of the SCHSHL’s most storied programs for a reason and in recent years they have returned to their roots as a hard-nosed, two-way team that likes to score goals. This style of play may ingratiate them to fans, but the game is called differently then it was in the 90’s and early 2000’s which is best reflected by Sachem’s league leading 256 penalty minutes. Sure they can score goals, but if Sachem can’t stay out of the box they could run into problems down the stretch. Sachem has gone 2-1 in the new year, but dropped a big game against St. Anthony’s without their captain, Thomas Konkowski ,in the lineup. So long as the Captain is back for the playoffs, Sachem fans can rest easy as the regular season comes to a close.

5th Kings Park Commack

Games Played: 16 | Wins: 11 | Losses: 1 | Ties: 1 | Overtime Losses: 2 | Overtime Wins: 0 | Points: 26 | Goals For: 74 | Goals Against: 27 | Goal Differential: +47 | Power Play Goals For: 6 | Power Play Goals Against: 2 | Shorthanded Goals For: 2 | PIM: 102

The good news is that Monday night’s loss to Smithtown Hauppauge marked the first time Kings Park Commack was defeated in regulation. The Knights have gone 2-1-1-1 in their last five including a 2-2 tie against the Patriots that cost them a critical point in the standings. The stingy KPC squad has been able to lean on it’s strong defensive core and goaltending, but the Knights have scored the second fewest power play goals this season. KPC remains a legitimate championship contender, but will probably need to tack on a couple power play goals in a rematch with a Sachem squad that leads the league in penalty minutes.

6th Connetquot Sayville BBP

Games Played: 15 | Wins: 6 | Losses: 9 | Ties: 0 |Overtime Losses: 0 | Overtime Wins: 0 | Points: 12 | Goals For: 43 | Goals Against: 57 | Goal Differential: -14 | Power Play Goals For: 7 | Power Play Goals Against: 5 | Shorthanded Goals For: 1 | Penalty Minutes: 211

The tenacious T-Birds always seem to be in the game, but they have been unable to capitalize on the high danger scoring chances they create against top flight competition. Connetquot Sayville BBP has allowed empty net goals in back-to-back losses to KPC and EI while giving up three total in their last five games. Despite being snakebitten offensively, the T-Birds have a strong tandem in net and a solid roster from top to bottom. If Connetqout Sayville BBP can stay out of the box then don’t be surprised if they can pull off another upset in this year’s playoffs.

7th Northport Huntington Tigers

Games Played: 16 | Wins: 7 | Losses: 9 | Ties: 0 | Overtime Losses: 0 | Overtime Wins: 3 |Points: 14 | Goals For: 52 | Goals Against: 88 | Goal Differential: -36 | Power Play Goals For: 10 | Power Play Goals Against: 4 | Shorthanded Goals: 4 | PIM: 137

The model likes teams that can win tight games, score on the power play, kill off penalties and score a shorthanded goal every once a while. Northport Huntington does all of that, but a few big losses to KPC, Sachem and St. Anthony’s have kept them from moving back up in the rankings. There is no doubt the Tigers have what it takes to claw out a big win, especially with Michael Agafonov back in the lineup, but Northport Huntington will have to pick up four points in their last four games to secure the sixth seed in the standings.

8th West Islip Lions

Games Played: 15 | Wins: 4 | Losses: 10 | Ties: 0 | Overtime Losses: 1 | Overtime Wins: 1 | Points: 9 | Goals For: 32 | Goals Against: 72 | Goal Differential: -40 | Power Play Goals For: 9 | Power Play Goals Against: 5 | Shorthanded Goals: 1 | PIM: 99

West Islip moved back into the eighth seed with a 1-0 overtime win over Longwood on January 5th. The Lions have been without Ciaran Pollard in four of their last five games during a stretch in which West Islip has been rolling ten to twelve skaters on any given night. Despite scoring just six goals in their last five, the Lions have gone 2-3 and led for a majority of an eventual 6-3 loss to the Tigers. The Lions have scored ten power play goals to date while scoring four shorthanded goals to offset the four the Lions gave up to opposing power play units. WI has leaned on their goaltenders, senior Braiden Buccino and freshman Tyler Sapoff, who have down an admirable job of holding down the fort as the playoff race heats up. Don’t be surprised if the Lions can pull off an upset with their entire roster back come the playoffs.

9th Ward Melville Patriots

Games Played: 16 | Wins: 3 | Losses: 11 | Ties: 1 | Overtime Losses: 1 | Overtime Wins: 0 | Points: 8 | Goals For: 55 | Goals Against: 88 | Goal Differential: -33 | Power Play Goals For: 10 | Power Play Goals Against: 22 | Shorthanded Goals: 4 | PIM: 179

The Patriots have erased three multi-goal deficits in their last five games while managing to tie it up in two of them. Each comeback attempt fell short and the Patriots have now lost five straight games. Ward Melville has given up twenty-two power play goals, the second highest mark in the league, while being assessed the fourth most penalty minutes in the league. Ward Melville trailed Sachem by one going into the 3rd period of Wednesday night’s game, but the Patriots gave up five unanswered in the final frame as Sachem won 8-2 There’s no doubt the Patriots can play with the league’s best, but they are currently on the outside looking in the final weeks of the season.

10th Longwood Lions

Games Played: 15 | Wins: 0 | Losses: 14 | Overtime Losses: 1 | Overtime Wins: 0 | Points: 1 | Goals For: 21 | Goals Against: 150 | Goal Differential: -133 | Power Play Goals For: 2 | Power Play Goals Against: 24 | Shorthanded Goals: 2 | PIM: 193

The Lions led 2-0 early on in an eventual 14-3 loss to the Knights before a heartbreaking 1-0 loss in overtime on January 5th. The Lions are much better than their record and underlying metrics might indicate, but time is running out to prove that on the scoreboard. 

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